Presentations to help jumpstart your enterprise recruiting search:

MBA Career Management

Wharton Global Internship Program
In 2006, WEP launched the Wharton Global Internship Program. The program was developed with the goal of providing students with information and resources designed to encourage and support them as they consider alternatives to the more the traditional careers at Wharton of banking and consulting.  There are currently four initiatives delivered under this program:

  • The Wharton Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship
  • The Internship Auction (a spring program that allows student to bid on the opportunity to pitch themselves to start-ups considering hiring summer talent)
  • Entrepreneurial Resume Book

Startup Internship Award
The Startup Internship Awards are awarded to select students who will spend the summer interning at a startup and who demonstrate both a commitment to entrepreneurship at Penn and to pursuing an entrepreneurial career. The objective of this award is to provide financial support for students who would be making a financial sacrifice by taking unpaid or underpaid summer internships at startup companies.

Small Business Consulting
The Wharton Small Business Development Center (WSBDC) offers a highly selective and challenging program for students interested in applying the concepts of entrepreneurship to actual start-ups and operating businesses drawn from the Philadelphia business community.  In many cases, consultants provide the critical analysis that enables the client entrepreneur to move from concept to execution.  Students are compensated for their work.