Wharton Business Plan Competition
The Wharton Business Plan Competition (WBPC) is among the leading global university-run business plan competitions. The WBPC was launched in 1998 by the Wharton Entrepreneurship Club and is now part of Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs, which co-manages the event with a specially selected student committee. The WBPC is open to all students at the University of Pennsylvania, and, since its inception, has drawn over 150 student teams annually, comprising nearly 400 participants from Schools across the University.

PennVention is the annual student inventors competition at the University of Pennsylvania. Students learn how to turn their “good ideas” into commercial products or services.

Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship (Ambassadors of Entrepreneurship)
The Wharton Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship is a cash award for select students who plan to spend the summer in an entrepreneurial setting and who exhibit an entrepreneurial commitment at Wharton and in their careers.

Snider Seed Award of the Wharton Venture Initiation Program
Offered in conjunction with the Wharton Venture Initiation Program, the Snider Seed Award is designated to provide seed capital to assist students in the execution of the initial stages of their business plan.   A one-time award of up to $2,500 per venture is distributed to students on a competitive basis.  Program members are eligible to apply after one semester or longer in the Wharton Venture Initiation Program.

Wharton Venture Award
The Wharton Venture Award of $10,000 is given to select entrepreneurial Wharton first-year students to support them financially over the summer in lieu of a full-time internship while they work full-time on developing their ventures.