Our Mission

Wharton E-Club aims to create a tight-knit entrepreneurial community and provide our community with the resources to succeed.

What we do

The Wharton Entrepreneurship Club builds a supportive community for current and aspiring entrepreneurs at the University of Pennsylvania.  We share resources, advice, and interests with other Wharton and UPenn clubs to help students build companies.

Our goal is to harness the resources, talents, interests, and enthusiasm of the MBA community to affirm Wharton’s place as the best MBA entrepreneurship community in the world.

We aim to position the Entrepreneurship Club as the platform that unites and organizes the school’s many resources in order to:

  1. Assist students in making greater use of the entrepreneurial offerings, resources, and talents at Wharton;
  2. Increase the number of Wharton MBAs who engage in entrepreneurship of any form;
  3. Solidify a distinctive culture of entrepreneurship at Wharton comprised of diverse, dedicated, collaborative individuals by working with Wharton Administration, WBPC, VIP, and WEP to encourage broader industry coverage in business plan competitions, and increase funding and support for VIP and Venture Awards.